DIY Container Garden – Part 1

I am a big fan of DIYs. Putting not-so-useful items at home to good use and doing my part in using and reusing man made materials. Here’s to my DIY container garden which I had been thinking of doing for this summer.
I collected a few readily available empty, plastic juice/ cold drink/ yogurt boxes and bottles and spent my morning today arranging some flower and vegetable seeds in them. Once they start shooting, I’ll hang them in my balcony for a better looking, hanging container garden. Can’t wait to see them grow. I am excited!

For all of you out there, I wish you all get a chance to experience my happiness and eagerness to see these seeds grow. Why don’t you try making your own container garden? It hardly takes an hour or two. Plus, you’ll be reusing plastic materials and experiencing the joy of what your green hands can do. It is bliss! Trust me.

I wish you all a happy spring and summer. 🍀

<<In Part-2 of the blog, I’ll share my updated container garden space and picture with you. Can’t wait! ❤ >>

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