Junoon. It is an Urdu word which means madness/obsession.
Here is my poem on the theme. (I also did my extra bit by doddling around the theme.) Comment and let me know how you like it.
“Junoon”; madness, obsession.
Who are we really,
if not madly obsessed
for addiction?
This obsession
that makes us feel
the sunshine,
the clear waters of the oceans
and the chill breezes
of the nights
when we are all alone
under the star-lit,
moonless night.
This madness,
that draws us
towards the mountains,
and makes us go
at the frantic nature’s nature.
This addiction,
that make us
feel alive,
that makes us
who we really are.
Distraught yet placid,
broken yet mended,
wrecked yet resolute…
Who are we really
if we do not
live for our Junoon. ♥️


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