How to handle life during COVID-19

It has never happened before. Like, never ever! And, I never imagined it to happen, STAYING AT HOME WITH MY BETTER HALF for an endless time.

Wow! That’s something. How-much-ever I would’ve wished it happens, I didn’t mean it literally.

So well! It’s been close to a week now and I have been taming my mind to work around it. Slow but steady, I think it has.

Here is what I am doing to balance our relationship and life at large:

  1. Positivity – No matter what, be positive. Wake up each morning with an open heart. Sometimes my mornings are rough and groggy, but, I always make sure to embrace my mornings. I make sure to have a cup of hot tea or coffee to kick start my day. I also take a moment during my tea time, to plan my day and understand what things I need to take care of in the house.
  2. Morning workout – I’ve never been a fan of workout. I don’t like it honestly. But, during these times because I am not stepping outside the house, I have made it a point to take regular exercise on priority. I try to do a 45 minute full body workout at home every morning. I tried Vinyasa Yoga today. I do want to mention here, the entire body does feel more active throughout the day because of a morning workout routine. I think, I’d like to add it to my normal routine once this pandemics is over. (Things to take back with you and apply them in your lifestyle.)
  3. My goals – While the entire world is going through this time of crisis, every other social media post, news article, twitter feed is about COVID-19. It is easy to get distracted by all of it and get in an endless loop of worry and concern about the future. But, I am taking this time to plan and plant my goals better. I had a vision in the beginning of 2020, for myself, for this year. And by this year end, I want to achieve it. Amongst all the economic and emotional chaos around me, I am still focusing on what my real goals are. Because, once this virus is done and we get back to life, I don’t want to start from scratch and do things that should’ve been taken care of. Plan smart goals people. Invest in your goals, this is your time.
  4. Hobby – I love gardening and paper craft. Day 2 of self quarantine and I was already preparing my pots for summer blossoms. I make sure to check on them daily and take care of my balcony garden needs. Have a hobby and grow it. It keeps your mind healthy and active.
  5. New skills – If there is something that you always wanted to do, pick it up. It only takes 20 hours to learn something new and if your interest still holds onto that subject/skill, become an advanced or subject matter expert in that field. It is a good way to keep yourself occupied and really look forward to each day.
  6. Routine – No matter what, have a routine and follow it. My first few days of self quarantine went by in understanding what I want to eat, when I want to eat, when should I take a shower, binge watching, sleeping late and I understood 2 days later, that I was behind my schedule to achieve my weekly targets. That is when I realized, a routine is very important. Have a routine in place and follow it. It makes your life really easy.

Even after all this, I am not saying it is easy to stay at home the whole time. But, all these things definitely give you a peace-of-mind when you go to bed each night. You can rest with some contentment that you learnt something new and are still working towards achieving your goals in life.

And trust me, I do not have as many fights with my better half, for we both have worked out our daily schedules and because, for most part of our day since we are productive, we end up discussing our concerns or good things we accomplished during the day at our dinner table, as always.

I know it is easier said than done. But, just try to follow it for a day or two and I am sure you will understand what I am really trying to say here.

Wish you all stay safe and healthy!


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