Monday Mood during COVID-19

Yes! That’s me in my most comfortable clothes and smile; enjoying every day as it is coming, enjoying every moment to the fullest because I’ve got all the time in the world to just sit and relax. I want to be truly honest with you all today and share my feelings here. I am comfortable. I am more than comfortable actually. There is no stress surrounding me anymore. Confined to my apartment with my family, I am super excited all day long even if that means getting a cozy blanket on me and binge watching a series we picked to watch. Getting on various game apps and trying them out with friends was never so much fun, as it looks now. I am connecting to people I lost touch with 4-5 years back and we all talk about our concerns and get vulnerable infront of each other regarding the pandemic which is absolutely phenomenal.

Otherwise, in this world full of competition, pressure, and stress, we had already left behind emotions like vulnerability or sharing anything for that matter with friends or colleagues. Don’t you agree?

So many changes happened in a couple of weeks and I am not sure what the new norm is, or will be. But, I am just glad that we all made it this far. Together. Looking at each others posts, taking online challenges, playing cards and ludo online, binge watching series, reading books, experimenting baking, and planting that balcony garden which makes us smile every time we look at it. Haven’t we done so much more than what we thought?

Today, I am reflecting on some of the weakest times we have lived, in this otherwise fast paced world and I can see myself and all of you, coming out of it more prepared and stronger than before.

We are, what we think we want to be! Happy and smiling always. For there is nothing in this world which can take this power away from us.

Much love and wish you all a beautiful week ahead. Stay home, stay safe!❤️


ps: this picture also because, I had a #goodhairday after a very long time. 🙈🙈💪🏻


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