Black lives matter

It fills my heart with sadness when I think about the race humanity is. We are all living in a highly advanced, progressed technological era where every day humans are touching the sky and there is no limit to our reach. Yet, in some situations, we are still stuck with some preconceived notions of race, caste, creed, sex. It distresses me!

Everybody knows the fact: Every human, no matter what color or caste he or she belongs to, has the righteous right to live a fulfilling life. Then, why do we have to visit this topic over and over again? Haven’t we had enough? Aren’t we now supposed to break these chains and free ourselves from these notions?

I can’t even express my sentiments at this point completely. But, I just wanted to document this feeling today. This feeling that I don’t ever want to talk about. I won’t be able to talk about it ever. How can a human be heartless towards another human?

I am supporting this movement! I am with humanity and I believe that people like us in this world, should step up and speak so that, the ones who have lost faith in goodness, know that good still exists. I believe in hope and I want to bring about hope in lives of people!

So, to support the #blacklivesmatter movement, I have created my accessories and apparels store with prints of “muted”. I hope you visit the store and make a purchase. I will be donating profits made from these purchases towards black communities.

Below is the link to my store. Let me know in comments if you liked them or if you wish to see any customizations. Let’s support this movement!

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