Act Now or Never – Create to Change Humanity!


My heart is full of grief and sorrow these days, looking at the chaos we are surrounded with in this global crisis. It’s not just a pandemic, forget about it, there are so many other acts of cruelty that human kind is concocting. So many including black murder and pregnant elephant’s death even when we are in the middle of a global calamity! Every other day, while I am grateful for a new day and beginning, I end up thinking about the atrocity that we have bought upon this planet, it’s organisms and our own race.This video is a plea to you all, to continue believing in the goodness of this world and your heart; and if you can, bring a ray of hope in others around you. Be the change agents and start creating to change humanity. We need to stand against injustice! We need to speak up! We need to spread some hopes and positive vibes in this world for a beautiful tomorrow. I think this is the least we can do!

Here is my this week’s video on the same theme, expressing my feelings and emotions on these trying and dying times!

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