Whimsical summer dream

Wrote an amazing piece of poetry with Oksanna from Washington state in the USA, on the prompt “whimsical summer dreams”. Do follow the link to read the entire piece:

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I look up to the sky to the endless possibilities ✨Of dreams and love the cotton candy sweet and sticky kinds that melt in your mouth and satisfy your soul ✨Of things once thought of as sacred like the sun and all her rays or the moon and all his stars and the way they chase each other around like bitter fools ✨Of things which cannot be kept as secrets the mysteries of the world slowly unveiling themselves from within the exquisite shapes of the clouds flying by ✨Of power that is inexhaustible and abundant like two lost souls who found each other and made love till the world cried for no other ✨Of reality turning magical beliefs with rainbows in disguise, giving us hope for a promising tomorrow . Did this dreamy collab with @o_normandeaupoetry where we wrote a single piece on “whimsical summer dreams”. Loved talking about clouds, skies, dreams, love, and hope with her! 💞 Do check her profile to read her amazing poetry! Love you lots Oksanna and looking forward to many more. ✨ . Picture from Pexels. . #writersofinstagram #writersofig #poetryisnotdead #discovermypoetry #positivevibes #untwinemeusa #poetryporn #poetrysociety #noellenams #lipoetry #herheartpoetry #bleedingsoulpoetry #globalagepoetry #globalagepoetrycommunity #poemoftheday #poetryporn #poem #poemsdaily #poet #poetsandwriters #madewords #lovepoems #poetry_addicts #igpoets #igpoems #poetryislife #tpmd #summervibes #summer #loveyou #streetwritersofficial

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