UNCONDITIONAL Book review by cigarpoetry

If you haven’t visited @cigarpoetry’s account on IG up until now, you are missing out on something!
I started my journey on IG with her and I am so glad to get a review for my book from this sweetheart. 💖
Here is what she thinks about my book:
“Thank you so much for launching this wonderful book, I read each and every poem from this book, and it gives justice to it’s name ‘unconditional love’. This book brings a different ode of love. If you feel despaired about feeling love, then this book can bring you a new prospect and hope about ‘love’ that we always wanted.�It brings a concept for infinity, that we all try to explore in love.This book unconditionally has something to be felt about.
I am so excited to share that my book, UNCONDITIONAL: Breaking free for love edition is currently trending #1 in the listed categories on Amazon. This book is a collection of 101 exclusive and timeless love poetry which has not been published anywhere before.💖
Paperback will be coming out soon!💝

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