Learn with Noelle #1 – Free verse and alliteration

I want to start a fun learning curve in our community. So, here I am kick starting something new. Every week on Tuesday, I will be posting a new activity through which we learn a new poetry/writing style together. I wanted to start off with something very simple. Hence, I chose free verse with a twist of alliteration to it.
I’ll be putting out poetic styles/tools every Tuesday with descriptions to understand the literary device better along with a composition, as an example.
In this journey, we will be learning some amazing writing styles and techniques. So, join me in! Can’t wait to read your contemporary creations.

This week the theme is open to your choice! Share them in comments below or tag me on IG so I can share it with my poetic community there! (https://www.instagram.com/noellenams)

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