How to write a Triolet – Learn with Noelle #7

Welcome to Week 7 of “Lean with Noelle” Series. This week we are discovering how to write a Triolet which originated in the 13th Century in France.

In my last few posts, I shared details about writing a Haiku and Tanka, which are Japanese writing styles. You can find the link to them here:

How to write a Haiku

How to write a Tanka

Follow the link below to learn, how to write an Acrostic Poem with a secret message here:

How to write an Acrostic Poem

This week, since we are talking about a Triolet, here is how a Triolet poetry is written:

This is an example of a Triolet, I wrote.

I will see you next Tuesday with another interesting writing style.

Until then, keep creating and follow my blog for daily dose of positivity and regular updates about me.


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