Writing workshop with Intention Setting for 2021: Teaser

Yes! I am hosting my first ever writing workshop tomorrow on my IG profile with a focus on Intention Setting for year 2021.♥️
Let’s get our old or new journals out, wipe the dust, refill our pens to full and get ready to writing some positive, uplifting, self motivating intentions tomorrow to spend some time this December, getting in the groove of planning year 2021 a little better. And a lot more hopeful!
Are you ready or, are you ready for this? ✨
I have planned so much for this live and I cannot wait to share it all with you. I am excited and cannot wait to see you all there. 💞
Share it with your friends whom you would love to join with you and benefit out of it. 💪🏻
To catch all the details of this LIVE/Workshop, check this link: https://noellenams.wordpress.com/2020/12/02/2021-intention-setting-writing-workshop/

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