Top 9 from 2020: A milestone!

These are my Top 9 posts from IG, in the year 2020! ✨

As the pandemic started in 2020, so did my quest to write more and find a writing community on the internet. After struggling quite a bit(read lot), I settled with Instagram, where I saw so many more people like me, hustling and bustling, sharing their feelings and emotions, trying to stay afloat during all these months. And I found a family, a safe home for my thoughts to be shared with this community. I cannot say it enough, how grateful I am to have stumbled upon this community. I enjoy it, for all the inspiration that flows there, for all the love and support people share in their hearts.

And just like that, in my entire journey on Instagram last year, I received a kind of love I didn’t see coming. Doesn’t it feel great to see that people resonate with your words so much? I am patting my back this moment as I look ahead for so much more.

On my IG profile I share short pieces on love, hope, motivation, and inspiration to bring about a positive change in your life.
If you would like to get some uplifting vibes every single day, follow me on Instagram here:

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