Unconditional Book Review by RAD TIMES

I am still taking my own sweet time to reminisce some of the most amazing things that happened with me in the year 2020.

This review by RAD Times, a global entertainment portal, was one definitely one of those.

Here, I have attached a screenshot from the review which is only a part of the review. You can read the entire review here: https://www.rasaaurdrama.com/post-arp9i/unconditional-by-indian-author-noelle-nams-is-a-fresh-voice

Here’s also a link to know more about my book UNCONDITIONAL: https://noellenams.wordpress.com/unconditional-breaking-free-for-love/

To order a copy, you can follow the link here!

I recently also launched Unconditional Merch, which has illustrations and quotes from my book, perfect to be worn by self or gift to a loved one. You can check it here!


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