Inhale Happiness Today

However bad your day might be, there is something that you do every single day that can make you smile. Do you cherish these moments of happiness after all?

What do you live for? Finding peace and joy in your life! Then, why don’t you take these small moments of joy, collect them in a jar, and see every end of the week how happy you have been all this while?

Just like success comes by taking small steps at a time, so does happiness. By reminding ourselves the moments well spent and in the longer run that’s what we laugh about the most, because that’s what we live for. Because that’s who we are!

Heartfelt conversations over comfort meals wearing my most comfortable clothes…that’s joy for me and I would not trade it for anything in my life. Ever.
Now, if you look at it, in these moments you also progress. Because, you find more space to breathe. If you don’t know already, when you laugh your intake of oxygen increases. You are inhaling more, where lies the key to a healthy mind and body. And if that doesn’t mean prosperity then what?

So, take a moment right now to INHALE love, happiness, and prosperity as you think of that one thing that made your heart full with delight today! It’s been just two hours since I woke up and I am already happy about getting to eat my favorite chocolate chip dunking cookies with my morning tea. Trust me it’s not that hard to find joy all around you. And then, take the second half of this moment to EXHALE all your worries as you find calm and peace in this comfortable mess of life around you! 💛

Save it to read it every few days as a reminder. And, don’t forget to share it with everybody! Let’s spread more smilies and moments of joy in everybody’s life. 💓💓

Love and light always! ✨

In the comments, let me know, what made you smile today! 🙂
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