A memory that never froze

Sometimes I look
through the spaces
between my fingers
a time, surreal,
moment, sensual,
your touch, sensational,
tantalizing my senses
to want for more,
a memory that never
a moment that never ceased to exist,
a memory that I live
every moment of my life
thinking about what went wrong
between the two of us,
what could’ve changed
so that my memories of forever
with you
can back to me
lay on my lap,
and I can sing them sweet lullabies
so they never wake up
and leave me
in this chaos that surrounds me
right now.
This chaos of your memories
embedded in my spine
and veins that grow
every second
pulsating for your touch,
then silently retreat
to break my heart a little more
as they shrink in my heart,
losing a grip on that blood,
that fills my chambers, all four,
and I lose a sense of touch,
and time,
lost in your memories
that never really froze.
And how I just wish
to hold you again
through the spaces
between my fingers
and make you completely
a part of mine,
just as perfectly
your hands fit mine.

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