Things I am grateful for to my Younger Self

Things I am grateful for to my younger self! 💛

There are some things that only my younger self could’ve done for me and I am grateful for her,
for her energy and strength
in my life
as she leapt her faith
while carefully rendering her precious possession, she ever had,
her most expensive gems,
her dreams,
from all her heart and soul
to me,
with a belief,
to see them fulfilled,
some day, one day!
I appreciate her today,
for making me courageous,
I bow in front of her today,
for standing up for me always,
I extend my folded hands in front of her,
for always being my guiding light,
and I honor her
as I tell her today,
that I am, what I am,
because of her,
because she fought my battles,
because she made sure that I learn what I had to,
because she shielded me too
as a guardian,
the protector of our destiny,
and I am thankful to her
for just being you!
For just being me,
all along this while! 🙏🏻

The picture below is one of my favorite memories from 4 years back; when I followed my voice and did what I really wanted to. Such moments, memories, are invaluable, for they guide you to follow your passion. And, that’s what it is all about… isn’t it? 💛🙌🏻

Mention in the comments below what do you appreciate your younger self for? 💞


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2 thoughts on “Things I am grateful for to my Younger Self

  1. I am grateful to my younger self for loving anyway. Through out life when love was taken away for all the unknown reasons, she kept on loving anyway. She did such a wonderful job that she found the best love of them all. Self love. Thank you for this Noelle!

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