Winds of Change – You are the best

I ask myself all the time,
What can I do differently?
What should I do next?
Where am I going?
Where is life leading me?
And there are no answers
I receive in return;
there are no lies
I tell myself,
there are no truths
buried in the paint of the walls,
as I look at the ceiling,
with my mouth wide open,
gasping for breath,
and then,
I lay there,
I lie there,
I survive this moment
where the truth finds a streak
of insanity in me,
pushes me to grab a stern hold
of my conscience,
and shake it
and move it
and get these thoughts out of my system
of how, I am supposed to be different all the time,
I am not supposed to be that!
I am not meant to be that!
I am meant to be just me.
I am meant to be the wind of change,
which identifies herself
and her existence
in any circumstance
and spread her radiance
like the golden hour of sunlight,
where everything is magical
where beliefs are made and exchanged,
where vows are kept sacred,
where history is made every single day,
where life takes a turn,
in whichever direction you churn,
so I look at my reflection,
through the window pane,
straight in my eye,
under the blue background of the sky,
silently whispering:


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2 thoughts on “Winds of Change – You are the best

  1. This is an amazing poem Noelle! I felt every part if it. Like I was drowning in my thoughts of self doubt and I came up again for air realising I can swim… realising that I don’t have to be like anyone else but myself. And my self is my best self that I can ever be. Truly and authentically. Much love to you for this.🔥

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