Love is – A poem inspired by my favorite song.

Love is
finding you
unveiling you
uncovering you
in my thoughts
every second one of them

making me want
to want you more
as I chant
chant your name

just one more time
just one last time
and lose the sense of time

as I fall for you more
like a boundless drop into
a boundless ocean
the world travels on,
to reach places and find
another paradise
thinking this is where
the madness ends,

it actually begins there;

as a traveler who finds water
to quench his thirst
but this boundless stream of
his conscious thoughts
draws him into feeling unsatisfied
so he fills his leather skin
and take some of it along with him;

my conscious thoughts
that draw me deeper
deeper into it,
into you,
abysmal, as I find my
s p a c e
to breathe in rhythms and rhymes
I never knew before,

creating patterns out of
the life in my heart
that has started
b.e.a.t.i.n.g for you
on your moves, discovering
new patterns, each moment
we are together.

And it burns me whole
and drowns me
the thought of how
we cannot be more.

kalank nahi, ishq hai, kajal piya 🎢
translates to: it’s not a stigma, love is kohl beloved one.

[I do not own the rights to this music]

Tell me what do you feel about heartbreaks and true love stories in the comments below. This poem and the song have me in all the feels and I want to talk more about it. Have you wondered what would a Heer and Ranjha’s happily ever after be like? I haven’t. Maybe I don’t even want to. For sometimes, some stories are left incomplete and that is the beauty of it. That’s how it is meant to me. I wonder if you feel so much love in pain sometimes that it tears you apart, yet you breath.. you breath to keep the memories alive.

kalank nahi, ishq hai, kajal piya.
cue teary eyes see you in the comments below.
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