I feel relieved with my sisters – #napowrimo day 19!

Sunny skies and dandelions
amidst field of sunflowers
near a river front,

I feel relief
when our lion lungs
breathe authenticity
and courage connects
over complexities

I feel relief
truthfully acknowledging
life’s bereavements
shedding tears,
leaning on shoulders,
sipping in and laughing at worries,
while reflecting on childhood,
immature blisters

I feel relief
holding and hugging
and marching forward
with my sisters

I feel relief
amidst field of sunflowers
tending to river front tides
sharing our grace of togetherness
with dandelions
under sunny skies

I feel relieved
with my sisters.

Tag your best friends/sisters/favorite women in the comments below and share what do you enjoy doing the most with them.

I am super glad to have used all the 8 prompts I picked, in this piece. Also, a very special piece to my heart because I believe in my sisters and this entire idea of sisterhood.πŸ’ž

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