Help India Heal!

“Art is to console those who are broken in life” – Vincent Van Gogh

My books “UNCONDITIONAL” speak of love, hope, and motivation in life; something that everybody is in dire need of right now. These poems are coming for a heart and space when these words uplifted me, empowered me, embraced me, to have faith in life and myself.

Since the past few days, I have been receiving news from my friends and family in India. These are tough times and we all need some aid and relief. So, I decided to mend some broken souls and forward all the proceeds from this month’s sales for my books to COVID relief in India.

If you believe in my words and vision, help me raise funds for this cause. In return, read my words that will definitely change your life as you start believing in the magical powers of eternal love that exists in this universe, and find the right kind of motivation and hope in life to get going. Read the books by yourself or gift them to your loved ones, to cheer them up.

This is all I have to offer and I am doing just that! Together we can; together we will! Be a part of this drive in any way you can.

From my heart to yours,
Stay safe & take care.

At the end of the month, I will share the amount collected and to which organization I donated.

Please share so more people can know and read and believe in this beautiful life that we are gifted. 🙏🏻
Link to order the books:


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