Unconditional Vibes Catalogued

I don’t know what I want to say, what I want to write. But, here’s something that happened yesterday and I am overwhelmed. ✨

My book, Unconditional Vibes will be catalogued for my City library (Henrico County Public Libraries, VA, USA).

I never imagined this happening. It brings tears to my eyes and a wide grin on my face at the same time. The librarian asked me, “How do you feel leaving your baby in my hands?” And I was like, “This is the best place it can be.” I almost cried.

There are so many things that have happened till now since I commenced on this journey with Unconditional. There are so many sleepless nights, adrenaline rushes, celebrations big and small, dried tears, happy tears, self validations and so many moments of overcoming inhibitions too, that I’ve gone through before this moment. And it all feels right.

“I carry with me,
what I ought to be,
a voice so strong
there is no sound or plea,
and I shall sing,
an echo that shall bring,
millions like me,
together and stronger.”

In a heartbeat, I lived this entire journey when I stepped outside my car and looked at the library yesterday. The air was crisp, with the evening sun setting a yellow-orange hue on one side of the sky, and a crescent moon shone up above the library. It all felt perfect. I admired this place, I fell in love with, the first time I saw it; Twin Hickory Library. I don’t think I’ve felt my heart so full in a while. I breathed in the entire atmosphere around me, noticing every minute detail, falling in love with myself a little bit more; standing tall, creating and living a dream right there, understanding the power each one of us have within us.

I guess you get it. There’s nothing more I’d like to say. Sharing a few pictures of my book, from the place it now belongs to.

I’ll be visiting the library again in a few weeks to see it on the shelf. Cannot wait for it! Until then, “Sow your dreams to grow”. ✨

If you’d like to order an author signed copy of my books, DM me. 🖊 🙌🏻
My books are also available to order on Amazon. 💛
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