Yours Truly Magazine Issue 11 Coming Out Tonight!

And just with a blink of the eye, we are here launching the last issue of our first year.

Issue 11 comes out tonight at 12 EST ✨

And we’re super excited to share the first look of it.

This issue is packed with

❄️ Winter Self-Care Ideas

❄️ Inspiring visual art

❄️ Heart warming learning experiences and wisdom from artists of the world

❄️ Winter Poetry and Photography

❄️ Christmas Culture

❄️ Winter solstice and magic!

And much much more… what else can you think of for this season? Just dive in between the pages of this magazine, to soak it all in, to feel the warmth that artists have shared on this time of the year, from around the world.

What a beautiful way to unwind into this season of giving. ♥️

Ready or not, we’re coming to greet you in all your creative spaces and give you this magical nudge to fall more and better into this season.

If you haven’t subscribed for the magazine yet, then do now! Subscription is free!!


See you soon!

#ytmagz #ytmagzfeatures


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