Unconditional Breaking News

When you put your heart and soul in planting a seed, without thinking about the fruits it will bear, they are sweeter than you can imagine. That’s what my heart unconditionally believes in.

Surprises, miracles, dreams turning to reality… there are many names to this feeling. The best one is: IT IS REAL. It is happening. It is the truth. It is a fact. It is sheer contentment and joy.

I never imagined being featured in leading local newspapers of my hometown as a celebrated author. And it warms my heart to see that my father is so proud of me as he continues to receive congratulatory messages from people of the city and distant community members all over India for this achievement of mine. This is the most precious feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I cannot wait to see what more UNCONDITIONAL will bring upon me.

These are a few snippets from the daily newspapers with my story of getting my book “Unconditional Vibes” catalogued in Henrico County Public Libraries, Virginia, US.

ps: to celebrate this amazing news I am offering my books at a huge discount on Amazon. Please check Amazon online to order my books this weekend through next Friday.

Feel free to share with anybody who would like to get their hands on my books/you feel will enjoy reading them.

To order author signed copies, please DM me!

I am so grateful for this sense of feeling and accomplishment in my life!


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