Yours Truly March Issue Out Now!

If you think you’re missing something in life, then probably this is it! The March Issue of Yours Truly Magazine is out!🙌🏻

Did you get a chance to read it yet?

This month, we are celebrating International Women’s Day and all the Spring vibes in our ingeniously creative ways. Bundled in the issue is:
💛Our cover story, Amber Tichenor, giving us insights about Female Rivalry around us and how we can handle it.
💛The ‘Why’ to ‘How’ of Gratitude Journal. Does it change life after-all?
💛Spring Decor Ideas to uplift your spirits and welcome the beautiful season into your homes.
💛Yoga: The eight limbs path to a positive life by our guest columnist Emma
💛Monthly Zodiac Sign readings
💛An inspiring creative corner to satiate the cravings of the ingenious in you.
💛And much more…

So, what are you waiting for? Check your mailbox to sit with it one afternoon this week and dive deeper into your soul with Yours Truly.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, don’t fret! You still can.
Check the link: and hit subscribe. There you go! You’ll start receiving this goodness every month from now on, absolutely FREE!✨

New subscribers will receive their copy of March Issue on the 5th of this month.


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