Yours Truly Vol. 02 | Issue 03 Out Now


Did you get a chance to read it yet?

This month we are sharing some peaceful vibes from artists of the world as they find their voice and medium to express emotions on the ongoing Ukraine War.

Bundled in the issue is:
🌸Sisterhood: A heart warming opening poem by Emma Wells as she pours her heart for sisters of Ukraine.
🌸Our cover story, Hannah Austin, owner of Needle OR Thread, sharing her story and journey as a fabric artist.
🌸Poetry on Peace
🌸The Many Creative Way to Enjoy Spring at Home
🌸Yoga: The eight limbs path to a positive life by our Guest Columnist Emma
🌸Monthly Zodiac Sign readings
🌸Creative Corner to celebrate Escapril 2022 together
🌸And much more…

So, what are you waiting for? Check your mailbox to sit with it one afternoon this weekend and dive deeper into your soul with Yours Truly.

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