Junoon. It is an Urdu word which means madness/obsession. . Here is my poem on the theme. (I also did my extra bit by doddling around the theme.) Comment and let me know how you like it. . . “Junoon”; madness, obsession. . Who are we really, if not madly obsessed for addiction? This obsession [...]

In the Alley

I hear that sound, and I look around, I have spent such days, in the woods, in the alley, when nobody would wander around, and the place would be at peace and calm. I close my eyes, I smell crisis, I see freedom, long lost in those woods, down the alley. With my want to [...]

The path

The path is still unknown, the roads, all traveled, The urge to outshine burning deep down, The small accolades on my way, making me rise, But, I am still on the ground to fly high like never before ... Creating memories, with every passing moment, With friends, with colleagues, with time itself, with my life [...]

All Mine

I stammer, I bumble, Envisioning myself, I, at times fumble, But then, I yell out aloud, “Yes! I’ll make it all happen” And all of a sudden, all my weakness grumbles, Trying to conceal somewhere at the corner, I smile when it is palled to face my sureness, I yell, yet one more time, “I’ll [...]