Yours Truly Magz Issue 08 out now! ✨

“Your Truly Magazine” this month is packed with some amazing “Inner Peace” vibes and advice. Are you ready to dive into it? Probably one of the most fun and exciting issues I’ve worked on, featuring 14 global artists together. Link to subscribe: ——- Yours Truly is a Global Digital Monthly Magazine for anybody who [...]

Limerick Poetry – Learn with Noelle #10

Learn with Noelle is a Series to learn writing new poetry styles every week. Under this series, I post a new poetry writing style every week on Instagram as well as my blog. Last week we learned to write an Anagrammatic Poem. You can check it here! This week, we are learning to write a [...]

2021 Intention Setting- Writing Workshop

If you have been thinking to set some positive, uplifting, and motivating Intentions for the coming year 2021, here is a chance for you to do it right! Today I hosted a Live Workshop on my Instagram Account (shared the post below) where we got together to write on 3 aspects of Setting our Intentions [...]

How to write an Acrostic Poem – Learn with Noelle #6

Welcome to Week 6 of "Lean with Noelle" Series. This week we are discovering how to write an Acrostic Poem! You can also explore writing old Japanese poetry forms here: How to write a Tanka How to write a Haiku In this poem, the first alphabet of each line collectively forms "October Falls" and talks [...]

Learn with Noelle #3 – What are Syllables?

Follow my blog for learning more writing styles, tips, tools, and techniques on a regular basis. I usually post these on Tuesdays! I also share my poetry on my blog regularly on love, hope, and motivation. You can find more details about me and my recently launched, #1 Amazone New Release "Unconditional - Breaking Free [...]