On this World Storytelling Day, I thought to share my story of why Unconditional Vibes with you all. Hope you enjoy watching it as I unbox my books that arrived home today and read from it. Thank you for all you love and support in advance. Link to order: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08WYGLB4D?pf_rd_r=80Y2G4EEET20G5HYNJMP&pf_rd_p=5ae2c7f8-e0c6-4f35-9071-dc3240e894a8&pd_rd_r=e754f64c-b16e-4724-ae4c-7a7d06c68902&pd_rd_w=gjsvc&pd_rd_wg=cbIE4&ref_=pd_gw_unk https://youtu.be/WR5YHtTFvKs Also, for my Indian [...]

How to keep yourself motivated?

Have you ever felt demotivated, distressed, tensed, sad, lacking focus, anytime in life?  In this video, I am discussing what has worked for me 100%, to bring back my motivation and keep me focused in life. Hope these techniques work for you as well and don't forget to share your favorite motivational quote in comments [...]