List Poem – Learn with Noelle #11

We are talking about New Beginnings in this New Year and I thought what better way could it be than discussing about all the things that we are ready to welcome more in this world. This is the time of the year when we are still setting our intentions for an abundant, happier 2021. Won't [...]


Angrammatic Poetry- Learn with Noelle #9

Learn with Noelle is a Series I have created and running on Instagram as well as my blog, where I discuss various poetry writing styles every week. This week as part of this series, we are learning to write an anagrammatic poetry. Find more details about Anagrammatic Poetry Writing and its style below: This is [...]

Learn with Noelle #1 – Free verse and alliteration

I want to start a fun learning curve in our community. So, here I am kick starting something new. Every week on Tuesday, I will be posting a new activity through which we learn a new poetry/writing style together. I wanted to start off with something very simple. Hence, I chose free verse with a [...]