Angrammatic Poetry- Learn with Noelle #9

Learn with Noelle is a Series I have created and running on Instagram as well as my blog, where I discuss various poetry writing styles every week.

This week as part of this series, we are learning to write an anagrammatic poetry. Find more details about Anagrammatic Poetry Writing and its style below:

This is an example of Anagrammatic poetry on the word ‘Beneath’.

Make sure that the word you choose to write an Anagrammatic poem must have enough consonants as well as vowels. I would love to read your creations. So, please feel free to share them in the comments below or on instagram and tag me (@noellenams), so I can share on my story.

I hope you enjoyed learning this poetry writing style with me aka Noelle Nams.

Check my earlier post on “Alphabet Poetry” here.

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