National Poetry Writing Month is here!

I always wanted to do a NaPoWriMo – 30 days 30 poems challenge! And this year is the one, where I start!

Yes! You read it. This year, I am embarking on a journey to write 30 poems, 1 each day in the month of April.

What’s even more exciting is that I have got all my writing prompts from the Poets in the Poetry Community on Instagram. Today was Day 01 of this challenge and here is what I attempted to write!

You saw me,
you see me
every single day
from afar
with the vicious jar
full of wishes,
a home we would call ours,
looking at the stars
catching silent thundering breaths
with the rise and fall
of our chests
while laying down
on our backs.

Oh! What a lovely night,
the sky turned day
with starry night lights
and we lay there,
catching our breaths,
after uncovering and unveiling the lies
they ever told us;
Oh! What a joy!

And now, 
here we are,
after sharing our first experiences
and unending truths
hidden like those lies,
holding hands
with a plight
sharing spaces between our bones
with another; disguised.

Trying to smile
with our spines tall
but, this happiness,
it is buried
somewhere beneath
the spaces, now cracks,
with muffled voices
of exquisite joy
and heavy breaths,
now sighs
not providing oxygen,
but adding a weight
to my design.

You saw me,
I see you
every single day
from afar
with a vicious jar
full of wishes
and daydreams,
that were never meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Once again, it is #napowrimo2021 and I am writing a poem everyday without fail. I’ll try to share as many with you as possible.

If you want to join in the journey, check out the prompts from the community, on my stories everyday on Instagram! (follow me @noellenams ♥️
Or, head over to the feature NaPoWriMo on my profile on IG – again (to find all the daily prompts at one place, each day!) See you there! 🙌🏻

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3 thoughts on “National Poetry Writing Month is here!

  1. I absolutely love this new journey we are on with NaPoWriMo! And how it pushes me to new creative levels with my poetry. Thank you so much!

    And i just can’t get over that poem of yours. Love at each read! 🙌❤❤



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