Learn with Noelle #4 – Writing a Haiku

Just a week ago we discussed about syllables and what better exercise to practice it, than writing a haiku? Won’t you agree?💜
I love haikus esp. because they give me a sense of belonging to my surroundings, seasons, sounds, and all things nature.
While researching about Haiku, I found a very intriguing fact on the autumn Moon and how it is of great importance during the fall season. So much so, that in Japanese traditional Haikus, there are Kigo themed poems on Tsuki or “Moon”.
I had to bring it up! So, yes! We are writing a Haiku on “Moon” this week. I can’t wait to read your creations.💜 Drop them in comments below.

I usually post a new writing style/tip/technique every Tuesday. But, I am running a little in my blog and catching up until Week 5. So, these posts are a little random.

But, next week onwards, I will be posting these out every Tuesday here. So, do follow to keep getting regular updates.

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